Query Guard Private DNS: Your Online Shield

Imagine your journey through the vast realm of the internet as a stroll through a bustling market square. In this analogy, the market square represents the vast expanse of websites, each vendor offering something unique. You, the cautious traveler, want to explore this digital marketplace while safeguarding your privacy. This is where a private DNS service steps in, acting as your trusted guide and shield. The Public Market Square: In our analogy, the traditional, default DNS (Domain Name System) is like navigating the market square without any protection.

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How Query Guards End-to-End Encryption Keeps You Safe Online: A Non-Techie Guide

Hey there, lovely people! 👋 Ever wondered how safe you are when you browse the web? Well, worry no more! Query Guard has got you covered, and today, we’re diving into the magic behind that: end-to-end encryption of DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH). Sounds techy, right? Don’t sweat it; we’ll break it down step by step. What’s HTTPS? First up, HTTPS. When you see this at the start of a website’s address, it’s a good sign.

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